SEMINAR: Mass spectrometry based bioanalytics for the support of pharmacotherapies in general and oncology studies in particular

Dr. Jürgen Burhenne
Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center
Invalidenstr. 80
10115 Berlin
Weitere Informationen
Dr. Doreen Ditzen ,


Abstract: Mass spectrometry (MS) is an extremely specific and sensitive methodology, which is in use since centuries in chemistry and pharmacy for the structural elucidation of organic compounds. Developments of multiple MS techniques, as well as advanced improvements in the MS coupled chromatography (LC/MS), ionization, and raise of sensitivity led to a revolution in bioanalytics and entrance to biomedical applications. Bioanalytical MS is the state-of-the-art technique for qualitative structural elucidation of unknown biomolecules (proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics) and for quantitative analysis of endogenic metabolites and exogenic drugs in pharmacotherapy. The latter can be quantified in blood plasma down to the femtomolar region for therapeutic drug monitoring or for pharmacokinetic purposes. More sophisticated, scientific applications are currently the quantitative determinations of drugs at the site of action, since effectivity is only expectable if the drug reaches the receptor/site of action in sufficient concentration. This could be in blood (leukemia, HIV), however, very often these are by barriers (membranes, blood-brain-barrier) protected regions/areas (tissue, organs, tumors, brain tumors) with limited access. Within this talk respective MS techniques and their medical applications will be exemplary presented and discussed together with the additional clinical information given by this technique.

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